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In the classic computer game, The Sims, a character can stand in front of a mirror for an hour and gain charisma points. With these points, they are able to talk and influence others at ease. Well. If only it were that easy! No matter how long I talk in the mirror (wait, what?), I still find it hard to speak or write about myself. Instead, I've created a buzzword bio - you know, like all the annoying celebs on Twitter have!

Designer. Realist. List Maker. List Completer. Advertising Aficionado.

Looking for a less sarcastic description of me? Here are a few things that you might want to know if you'd ever like to work with me:

Still want more? Even after that Sims analogy? Awesome!


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BUSM Strategic Report
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Kind Words of Reference

"Kathryn was a true asset to MEDITECH's design team. A naturally creative thinker, she can take an idea and run with it, coming up with multiple visual solutions entirely on her own. From presentation graphics, to logos, to complex infographics, Kathryn's fresh approach to design made a bold impact across MEDITECH as we embraced a new, modern image." Michael DeMarzo Supervisor - Graphic Designers, MEDITECH

"Kathryn is easily the most creative and effective designer I have worked with both as a professional coworker and when I hired her as a personal vendor outside of work. For our wedding invites, Kathryn took our ideas and not only ran with them, she made them better than anything we could have predicted. She truly added a unique and personal touch to the best day of our lives." Daryl Sztuka Supervisor - Promotional Writers, MEDITECH

"Being around Kathryn always put a smile on my face! Her humorous, positive, creative attitude is reflected in her amazing design work. She listens to the customer's needs, visualizes, and creates masterpieces with sometimes little to no information to go on. A branding goddess!" Dr. Heather Maietta Career in Progress, ReacHIRE

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